Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woes of Eating Out

Last night the hubby took me out to a Mexican restaurant in Hartland. We went there because it was near the closest Cold Stone Creamery to us. I noticed on Facebook that participating Cold Stones were having a big ice cream social with free special ice cream in support of Make A Wish Foundation (free with anticipated donations, of course). FREE ice cream?!?!?! Oh boy - I'm THERE!

And since I'm going to the time and trouble of getting properly dressed with hair and makeup done for the public's perusal, I might as well have husband John take me out to dinner first to enjoy maximum benefit of my efforts to look great!

So we go to this Mexican restaurant. The person who finally seats us is the guy who noticed us standing there impatiently as he's clearing a dirty table in the one room we're facing from the entryway. He seats us in the other room where there's many tables of diners. Then he comes to get our drink orders, and brings us salsa and chips.

I notice he is the only waiter in the restaurant. He is also the only busboy, which is a problem for me. I watch in horror as he buses a table, taking up four dirty glasses by carrying them as a group with his fingers inside of them, while holding all of the dirty plates in his other hand.

Not long after this he refills our chips and salsa. I doubt he washed his hands from busing that table and having all of his fingers inside of those dirty glasses, spreading who knows what kind of germs to our food! Egads! I have gross visions of him going over to where the fresh chips are kept and scooping them up in his filthy, germy hands and putting them in our basket for us to eat. Ewwww!

I feel like I am coming down with a sore throat today. I hope I'm wrong! Maybe it's just from being out in the cold last night without a coat. I often suffer from sore throats and sometimes they go away after a day or two, but sometimes they turn into a terrible virus that lasts up to three weeks. No, I'm not crazy & imagining I'm getting sick! Okay, I guess it may be too soon to get sick since I was just exposed to germs last night. But we were out on Sunday so maybe it happened then....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have you seen the movie, Contagion?

Okay, I've been a germaphobe for many decades, it's true. But when my husband and I saw that movie, Contagion, it suddenly gave me a new purpose in life! It sparked the idea for this germaphobe blog. Ta da! Here it is! My very first post in my very first blog, ever! :-)

John, the hubby, was very, very reluctant to take me to see Contagion. I get the feeling I might drive him the tiniest, maybe ever so slightly bit crazy with my fear of germs. Go figure! I am just protecting us, after all! Sheesh! :-/

Anyway, he was afraid it would make me all the more germ crazy. No, I don't think so! I already am aware that everything one touches in public is full of nasty germs. I often tell him, "Don't touch that!" I remind him to use hand sanitizer after everything he does touch. And I make sure to ask him if he used a paper towel to open the door handle when he leaves the men's public restroom. (Gee, I hope he's not lying when he tells me he did! Do you think I should go in with him next time to check on him???)

This business of hand shaking is also a big no - no with me! HATE it! More on that in another blog post soon...

So the one thing that has been constant in my mind since watching that Contagion movie... should I get one of those biohazard suits that Jude Law's character was wearing???