Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Love You, Dave, But.....

We used to own an art gallery in a strip mall in W. Bloomfield, Michigan a decade ago. It was near one of the best restaurants in the metro area, Eurasian Grill. The owner is a right jolly little fellow named Dave. GREAT guy, always friendly, talkative, treats you like you're his best customer and friend, even if he hasn't seen you in quite awhile, always ready with a joke and lots of laughter. His laugh - oh my gosh! It just cracks you up to hear his crazy, booming laugh! This is a happy place to go for an excellent, upscale meal.

So this is where we went to dine tonight. Dave was under the weather though and there was no laughing or visiting with us this evening. After he seated us he went back to the front of the restaurant and proceeded to cough, hack, snort, and make all kinds of the most disgusting sounds he possibly could make while us diners tried to swallow our food.

I was in high anxiety mode thinking of the germs he was coughing around! He just spat all of his coughs and snorts into the air, not even trying to shield them from the rest of us as he walked back and forth many times. I was glad he was not stopping to chat at our table, as he always had before!

I was and still am very nervous thinking about all of his sick germs in the air and on who knows what! We have a big New Years Eve party to go to in a couple days that I'm really looking forward to! Plus they're depending on me bringing the cocktail meatballs - a triple batch this time.

So, Dave, we love you, but seriously, you should stay home when you're that sick! The restaurant is not going to go under if you're not there every single minute to keep an eye on everything. STAY HOME WHEN YOU'RE SICK! None of the rest of us needs to catch what you've got!

As soon as I got home I took a Zinc and a Vitamin C. Please don't let me get sick, please don't let me get sick, please don't let me get sick, please.... 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sniffles and Sneezes, 1955

My husband found this video. It's an "Oldie but a Goodie"! It should be required viewing for every person on the planet! At least several forced viewings for all!

How I wish germs showed up black so we could all see them before touching them! They'd be easier to clean away too. No excuse for missing vital sanitizing - there they are, completely visible!

Ah well, such are the things of dreams - for a germaphobe, anyway!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lunch With Girlfriend

I was out with a close friend for lunch this past Tuesday. She is possibly as big of a germaphobe as I am - remarkable, isn't it?! We went to my favorite niece and nephew-in-law's restaurant in Farmington Hills, The Maple House. It was the first time my friend was able to go there with me. She loved it! She plans to go back there with other friends and family now.

Anyway, everything was going fine, besides my fave niece NOT being there for my friend to meet! Her hubby and his mom were there and we enjoyed talking to them though. The food was fantastic as usual. No germs to report on as they are very careful there, just the way I like it! :-)

Then two young women were seated just behind the booth we were seated at. My friend was sitting directly behind one of the women, their heads a mere few inches from each other. The woman had curly hair she kept digging her fingers into, scratching at her scalp and then flinging her hair and whatever she had dislodged from it at my friend. I watched this go on for awhile. Then I said something - poor Adrianne! Not a happy camper after that!

After I used the bathroom, we walked next door to the drug store where my friend bought a couple items. She told me she could FEEL the woman behind her doing something, but didn't know what it was until I'd told her.

At the checkout, a very, very sick old woman came up behind us and proceeded to cough violently at the back of my friend. I quickly stepped to the side, away from the woman, but my friend had to stay put with the items she wanted to purchase. At least the old woman was very short and my friend is very tall, like me. So if a germ escaped from the woman coughing (after I moved away I only saw the old lady coughing into her sleeve, looking ever so miserable and practically on death's door. Poor thing!), it would have hit my friend's butt, so not too bad as far as germs being spread goes, I suppose.

Then when we were outside some great beast of a woman decided to step off the curb to the parking lot just a few inches from where my friend was talking to me before we said goodbye. She was so close I think she might have almost brushed against my friend.

Maybe I should go out with Adrianne a great deal more since she seems to attract the weirdos and germs to herself more than even I do! That way I can be free of them! Awwww, poor Adrianne, just kidding, my dear!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sitting On Santa's Lap

We were at the Old Redford Theatre last night to see "It's A Wonderful Life." We got pictures taken with Santa Claus before we went to grab seats in the balcony.

I have the weirdest look on my face here! I usually don't look the greatest in photos, for some reason, anyway. But this expression is quite odd. Am I reacting to Santa's overly friendly, continual patting of my leg?   (Notice my hand on his, perhaps trying to make him STOP?!)

Or am I about to burst into tears thinking of all the germs that must be on his lap from countless other butts that have been parked on it? When's the last time his costume has been washed anyway?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mail Germs

Geez, I haven't written anything in over a week now! Guess I just haven't felt like it. I was going to write about something my girlfriend told me when we were out for dinner the other evening, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. If I don't do it soon, I'll forget everything I wanted to say, as my short-term memory is quite lousy now.

Anyway, I just got off my exercise bike and need to get upstairs to take a shower, but figured I'd write this other thing down since it just happened a little while ago. I thought it might amuse all of you. How many of you are there anyway??? Oh, I wish there were millions more just like you! And then perhaps I could become rich, rich, RICH off of this little writing habit of mine! haha

So my friend from New York sent me a message on Facebook a little while ago. She said she wrote me a five page snail mail in addition to another letter she wrote earlier in the week while she's away visiting family now.  She'll be mailing the letter tomorrow.

She then said: "Flu is going through here...all of us has had one symptom or another."

I then wrote: "Egads! Am I gonna pick up your flu germs by handling the paper you wrote on?!?!?!"

She replied: "I could have sent you a pair of rubber gloves but I have already sealed the envelope! LOL Worst case you could stick the letter in the freezer a couple of days!!"

I know I've heard somewhere...on the news, it was....sometime ago, that germs can live on paper for awhile. I can't remember for how long they live on paper though! I refuse to touch mail now when it first gets delivered. Who knows if the mail lady is sick? Who knows if her hands are clean? They probably aren't, as a matter of fact! She's riding around in her truck all day without use of a sink, touching everyone's mail box with countless germs on those things, let alone all the envelopes she handles and whatnot!

The hubby puts my mail on my couch, that hated piece of leather furniture from crappy Art Van Furniture, when he comes home and I do not touch the mail until I'm about to wash my hands anyway. Or I'll often wait until bedtime and take it upstairs to read in my bathroom. That way I've got more leisure time to read it and then it's so handy to be right there, ready to wash my hands after finishing bathroom business!

Okay, I see those raised eyebrows from you all. Yes, I admit I'm a freaky weirdo. There it is! I just cannot help it!

Does anyone know just how long germs live on paper???

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Onions to Ward Off Sickness

Yesterday I was shopping at Kroger for some groceries. At the checkout I noticed the cashier was sick. I thought about changing lanes, but the other lines were longer and I would be next in line in the sicky's lane. It was still tempting to change lanes though to a longer but safer line!

When the cashier glanced at me I asked her if she had caught a cold, but she muttered she just had a headache. She was very grumpy with the customer in front of me, a rather difficult, outspoken older lady who complained and griped about everything the cashier was doing.

I really think the cashier was sick though with her watery eyes, red nose, and phlegmy cough. It made me nervous to think of her touching my groceries that I would then have to touch when I got home. Especially since I saw her coughing into her hand as she was ringing up the other customer's items.

The old lady in front of me then agreed that she thought the cashier was sick. She then proceeded to say the cashier probably called in sick, but was told she would be fired if she didn't come to work. I replied the cashier probably had to come in because she needs the money to pay her bills like all working people.

Another cashier came to help bag the old lady's groceries. The two cashiers were speaking quietly together, looking at us, as the old lady and I were talking. The old lady was telling me she hasn't been sick in the past four years since she has taken to placing onions in every room in her house. She swore it worked for absorbing sick germs and that I should try it. I was polite and thanked her for the advice, telling her  I get sick very easily and stay quite sick for a minimum of two weeks, usually now three weeks.

Well, I hate onions, as many of you know. I would never be able to stand having onions all over the house. Ewww, YUCK! Only one time did I buy an onion, to please my sister-in-law when my brother's family was coming over for dinner back when I was newly married. After that one time I vowed to never allow an onion into my home again! Nasty, smelly, foul tasting things!

But I was curious about the old lady's claims of an onion being able to keep one from getting ill. So I looked it up on the computer when I got home, after putting the groceries away. I found that it is not true on the snopes website. This article on the myth of onions keeping everyone healthy was quite interesting to read though. Here it is if you're interested:

Oh, and as far as the sick cashier touching my groceries - it never happened. I actually had planned on asking her to use the sanitizing gel by her register before she rang me up, but she left before I could speak to her. The other cashier that came to help bag the old lady's stuff was the one who rang me up. I felt much better for it!

I bet the cashier went home right after all of this, feeling completely miserable. Besides being sick, she had two women discussing her in front of everyone! Sorry, Kroger cashier!! Hope you feel better soon!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hugo Movie

The hubby and I saw Hugo yesterday at the cinema. It was supposed to be a great movie from ratings I had seen of it. Wrong! I had the hardest time keeping awake! It was sooooo BORING! I'm glad we saw it in 3D or I probably would have fallen fast asleep, snoring and all! It dragged on and on, ever so slowly....
The 3D made it a little more interesting and tolerable though.

Anyway, the man in front of me (hubby & I were sitting in the upper most seats, as usual) went to get a refill on his drink. He wadded up all his napkins and put them inside the cup holder. I thought (hoped) he was done with them and just leaving them there for whatever reason.

Can you see me cringing when he came back and took those napkins back in his hand to hold and use again? Ugh! What has been inside that cup holder?! I have seen discarded used gum and spilled "stuff" and people's garbage, used napkins, whatever, in these cup holders before! Now someone is going to be wiping their mouth and hands on something that has picked up who knows what kind of germs in that icky cup holder?! Another big UGH!

Then guess what I did a little bit later? I sneezed one of the biggest sneezes ever! Nope, did not cover my mouth - it just sprayed all over the guy! Terrible, isn't it?! I must have gotten my spit sprayed onto his drinking straw and maybe even into his popcorn. Ewww!

The guy never flinched or turned his head. I know if I were him I'd be turning around to glare at the person who just sneezed on me. And I'd be moving away - far away!

See, that's exactly why you shouldn't sit in front of people. You never know when some idiot (yours truly this time) is going to sneeze or cough on you!

But on second thought, go on, keep sitting in front of people and leave those back row seats open for ME!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

The day after the American celebrated Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Tons of people get up super early, or have already been camped out in front of their favorite deal places for the past week, to get the best bargains of the year at all the various stores.

In honor of Black Friday:


This photo is of a serval cat which lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spitting At Cats

Last night I was getting ready for bed. I was in the midst of flossing my teeth when my little Tonkinese cat jumped up on the bathroom vanity. He has always liked to drink water from my bathroom faucet since we moved into this house almost six years ago.

He jumped up on the wrong side of the sink though, so he was trying to cross over between me and the sink to get to the other side. Unfortunately for him, I was just then spitting out a wad of saliva which landed right on his little head, down the side of his face, into his eye and ear. His head is really very tiny! My spit took up about half of it!

Now if he was a germaphobe like me, he would have flipped out having someone spit on half his head and face! Well, he actually was not happy. He looked at me like "HEY! Why am I all wet?! What did you do to me?!"

I tried wiping the spit off with my hand, but there was a lot of it! Then I took a kleenex and held him still while I wiped his head down. He went off shaking his head a bit and trying to wipe himself with his paw.

He's a very cuddly cat who enjoys kisses. I suggest that if any of you come over in the next day or two, that you don't kiss his head or face. Unless you want to virtually slurp the residue of yours truly's spit! haha

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, all my American friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ground You Walk Upon, Justin Bieber

So I was watching the early morning news today on The Today Show. It was Justin Bieber day and the crowds were insane waiting for him to do his little concert out on the Plaza. I'm not a fan of Bieber, but that's okay - I'm rather old, I guess.

At one point, the camera caught Bieber doing a kind of hide-and-seek outside of his dressing room in the studio. He kept dashing about like a child while the camera caught his antics. He then actually dropped to the floor and spread out full length on his belly with his face to the floor. HIS FACE WAS ON THE FLOOR! Ewwwww!

Now the floor he was plopped out full length on was in a hallway outside the dressing room. There were other people milling about. The floor was some kind of dark carpet or something that actually looked like it could have used a bit of cleaning. And his FACE was ON the FLOOR! 
(can you see my horrified looking face???)

Does no one think about the filth of a floor that has been walked on by countless shoes that has walked in how many other places filled with countless, revolting, filthy, icky germs? Okay, just think about it now....

I wonder if anyone kissed that cheek he had against the dirty floor? Who might have shook or touched his hands that had been against that floor? Hmmm....

I fell back asleep before he went outside to do his concert. I never saw if anyone touched or kissed him. Those germs he picked up on the floor were just ready to be spread about to adoring fans though!

Monday, November 21, 2011

VG's Grocery Store

Yesterday since I was feeling down about the usual family issues and how I'm always treated like crap, John wanted to make sure he got me out for a nice day, to get my mind off of things for awhile. We had a wonderful late breakfast at my niece and nephew-in-law's restaurant, The Maple House. That sure perked up my mood and gave my belly a reason to do a big "happy dance."

After the fabulous restaurant meal, we decided to go to Ikea to look around. It's a big place, two floors of all kinds of cool stuff. We spent a good portion of the day there. Checked out some furniture we might want in the future since we won't be buying anything again from Art Van Furniture (see last blog post).

Poor John got the benefit(?) of my nagging about germs. I was trying to hold it in - really I was! He just kept opening the different doors to appliances in all the rooms Ikea has set up as various kitchens they sell. I know it's "normal" for most people to touch things. I understand that, but it doesn't mean I like it. I'm a germaphobe - what can I say?!

So he's checking out all the appliances. I'm trying to not say anything so he can enjoy browsing. There are tons of people coughing and sneezing around us as we're walking about though. It finally gets to be too much to handle and I burst out with, "You're touching all these appliance handles and doors. Do you see all these sick people around us? You're picking up all their sick germs!"

Egads! Well, I tried to relax my germaphobia, but it won out! Hey, I don't want us to get sick! He gets over anything fairly quickly, while I'm pretty much in hell for about three weeks. My immune system has always been lousy, since I was born! I'm pretty sure that's why I'm a germaphobe. Okay, that and I'm just plain weird?!

After Ikea (and our whopping $9.51 purchase), we went to Westland Mall. Geez, it's been so many years since we've been there! Things have changed a great deal. The whole area has turned mega busy and built up! We used to live in Westland in this horrible little apartment right after we got married. What a dump! But I digress...

Anyway, after leaving the mall, we went to dinner at one of my favorite places, Antonio's Cucina Italiana. It was a good day of eating out. My niece's restaurant in the morning and Antonios in the evening. Germ-free dining at both places! And great food - so I was very happy!

Then we needed to do a little grocery shopping. I wanted to pick up some whole frozen turkey breasts since the stores have them on sale now. The best sale was at a store in Waterford called VG's Grocery, just a $1.49 lb (gee, I remember not too long ago .99 a lb was the avg sale price!).

After picking up various items and the turkeys (2), we went to the deli to get some cranberry orange relish for the Thanksgiving holiday that hubby and I will be spending exclusively with each other. After all, we're our own best company, right?! :-)

So we're waiting and waiting for someone to come to the counter. We hear some banging activity nearby behind the deli area. Then a young lady finally comes and asks what she can get for us. I ask for a sample of the cranberry relish. She bangs stuff around and gives me a tiny cup of relish to try. I turn my back on her to eat as she's glowering at me and sending all kinds of negative vibes at me.

The relish is good, and the hubby & I decide to get a half pound of it. The girl is constantly wiping her nose, looks like she's sick, and is in a really foul mood. She bangs more stuff around, gets the relish for us, puts plastic wrap over the container because she says they're out of lids, then hands it over, all the while with a negative attitude and look about her.

When she closes the door to the deli counter, she does it with such violence that the door plops right out of its track and into the food inside. It lands in the relish we just bought and the pulled pork dish. The little cup and spoon we had just ate a sample from also lands inside where all the food is. Ewww! (That ewww is for the rest of the people who don't know that our spit will be on their food now!)

As we are walking away, we got to talking about this girl. She's sick. She's not concerned about sanitary conditions, obviously. And we are really bothered by her attitude. Who knows what a person like that might be doing to the food? So we leave the container of relish behind. Hopefully Kroger or Meijer sells a good cranberry relish we can buy before Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y'all! Let it be germ free, sick free, stress free and HAPPY!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Art Van Furniture Repair

We bought two leather sofas from Art Van Furniture less than two years ago. We have bought furniture from Art Van for over two decades and for four different homes. We've been satisfied with quality up until now.

The first set of leather sofas were lovely and expensive, but within two weeks in our home, they were unbearably uncomfortable. The cushions were so bad they had become like nothing more than just a leather covering over hard plywood!  Ugh!

(Are you wondering what this has to do with germs??? Be patient, my friends, I'm going to work the germ theme into this rant! haha)

So we went back to the store to complain. They wanted to replace the furniture with a new set, but I was afraid we could run into the same problem. I loved the white leather and the modern, super cool style, but I didn't want to risk being stuck with something like this happening again.

So we picked out another two leather sofas in brown, not my favorite, and slightly less expensive than the original pair we had chosen. We opted for the matching ottoman since my hubby wanted to be extra comfy as a couch potato at night.

Within the first year one of the sofas frame broke. It was Christmas Eve and my hubby came to sit on my sofa (his is by the back wall & mine is floating in the open space into the livingroom area), on the end cushion which is rarely ever sat on, except by the cats and sometimes my mother when she's visiting. While John is exchanging gifts with me, the couch gives a loud CRAAACK! We stare at each other in surprise. Then another loud CRAAAACK!!! We're alarmed now. I tell him to get off, but it's too late. The frame has completely broke and splintered.

After the Christmas holiday we call Art Van's service department to come inspect the broken sofa. They say it's going to have to be taken to the repair shop. They say these frames from the manufacturer are rather weak to begin with, but the repair shop will make it much stronger so we won't have to worry about breakage again.

I wonder why they charge so much money for inferior quality. Past furniture we've gotten from Art Van was much better made. It lasted longer. We were always happy with it. Now I'm wondering about the other sofa, the one along the back wall that my husband dominates. Is this going to break too?

Okay, here comes the germ part: I call the Art Van furniture repair shop after the tech leaves my house with his determination that the sofa will have to be picked up and transported to the repair warehouse where it will stay for about a week.

I am most concerned because of all the other furniture that is in that place for repairs. Who knows what kind of homes this other furniture comes from?! Do you know what an epidemic there is now in this country for bed bugs? Bed bugs are nasty and so hardy it is extremely difficult to get rid of them once they become a part of your household. I don't want them in my home! Also, what about fleas? I don't want fleas in my house! There could be all kinds of fleas hidden in other people's furniture, just waiting to jump onto my furniture and ride into my home where three (indoor only) cats live! Egads - NO! :-(

The person on the phone I speak with reassures me that they are careful about the furniture they bring into the shop. The men who come to inspect the furniture always survey the home to make sure it's clean, etc., etc. I'm really not buying this though. I'm thinking how the guy who came out saw one of my cats. How does he know the cat isn't riddled with fleas???

Also, just the thought of unwashed men's hands all over my sofa, MY sofa!!!, seriously creeps me out! I hate the thought of these people picking it up, putting it into their (dirty?) truck with other furniture in such close quarters, and then taking it to the repair shop where another person is going to be messing around with it. Ick! But what can one do? It has to be repaired!

So off it goes and when it comes back it has a thin layer of dirt/dust on it. Dirty men's fingerprints on it too. Yuck! I don't want to sit on it. The hubby, darling that he is, gets it all clean for me when he gets home. That way he doesn't have to share his own sofa anymore and can stretch out to his heart's content! :-)

So now his sofa has a creaking, sagging, rubbing on the floor frame. I figured it would happen. It took less than 1 1/2 years, but it's out of the free repair time limit. The cushions on both sofas are also worn down and uncomfortable. My back, hips and butt kill me after sitting too long on this furniture. We still owe more than half the money on this crap furniture since we took the interest free payment option out to buy it. Will we buy anymore Art Van furniture in the future? NOPE!

By the way, in case you're wondering if we're just fat people, straining the poor furniture past its limits or something, no, we are not!!! Neither of us are!

Okay, end of rant. I hope the Art Van people see this someday soon and realize I am going to go around the internet leaving bad reviews for them on every place possible. We started with The Better Business Bureau last night, followed by my blog today....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sister Germs

My sister's car was repossessed recently. She needed a ride yesterday and I agreed to pick her up at the Salvation Army later that evening where she's been doing community service. (Don't ask! *sigh* I'm just thankful I'm nothing like her!)

Before going to pick her up, I began thinking of all the germs she's going to be bringing into my clean car!  Seriously, the girl doesn't even wash her hands after using the toilet! Pretty gross, eh?! Think how much grosser it is to the mind of a germaphobe like ME! Ugh! *another heavy sigh*

So I'm thinking I should make her use the hand sanitizer before she gets into my car at the Salvation Army. Okay, that sounds good. I'm feeling relieved. There's tons of germs she's picking up at that place, I'm sure! Ick!

Then a little later I'm thinking about how combative she is and how I'd have to make her use the sanitizer after she goes to the AccuTest place, the CVS & the hair salon's beauty supply store too. Hmmm, she's not going to go for that, is she?! Dang! Looks like I'm biting the bullet on this one! *a whopper heavy sigh*

So I get her from the Salvation Army. She's in a doozy of a nasty mood. It's dinner time and I thought we could eat a nice dinner out together. Nope, she's not interested in eating - just wants to get her test & errands done, and bitch & gripe about her life the whole entire time. Crazy stuff, really super crazy!

Of course, she's not in the least bit responsible for her own really bad decisions of why her life has turned to crap! She just expects our parents to bail her out though. Hey, my hubby & I could use some bailing out too, come to think of it, and we haven't been irresponsible like she has either! *heaviest sigh of all*

So we get to the AccuTest place. She was driving my car as it would be easier than me having to drive for various reasons. So I'm sitting outside the office thinking about what germs she's picking up in this kind of place - and I doubt she's washing her hands after peeing in that cup! Egads! You ever peed in a cup before, you know that some of your pee ends up on your hands, missing the cup. At least for us girls! *sigh*

Then off to CVS and then to the beauty salon where she buys top dollar professional hair color stuff, not the less expensive stuff that's sold in drug or discount stores. Hey, she doesn't have to pay for it, my parents do! Woo hoo! Lucky her! *heavy sigh*

Okay, I think her pissy mood and attitude is still getting to me today, as I write this! You think?! *sigh*

So after I drop off the unappreciative, in a foul mood sister and get back home to my husband, we are trying to decide what to do about dinner as it's getting quite late now. We decide on a nearby restaurant we have a gift card to.

Now get this: Before we get into the car, the darling, wonderful, delightful husband goes into his bathroom and gets a Clorox Disinfectant Wipe to wipe down the steering wheel and whatever else from my sister! I didn't even ask him to! He just did it on his own! Wow, I think I'm even more in love with him than ever! :-)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Surrounded by Sick Germs

Mother and I were supposed to be having High Tea at a shop near her house today. I had to cancel our tea yesterday since mom called to say she was getting sick with some kind of nasty virus. I rescheduled the tea for the weekend after Thanksgiving, in hopes she'll be all better - and I won't be sick by then!

This is such a bad time of year for colds and flu. I just wish I could hibernate like a bear until Spring comes around again. I've always hated Fall and Winter. I'm usually sick too often, and freezing and depressed throughout both Seasons.


Last night the hubby was talking to me and I noticed he sounded a bit congested. I accused him of being sick and he finally admitted he may very well have a cold. UGH!

I started freaking out, carrying on about how I'll catch it now and will be too sick to enjoy Thanksgiving or go to the rescheduled high tea. He is not as careful about germs as I'd like him to be. Plus, we do share a bed together. Oh, woe is me!

I told him he can't touch ANYTHING in the house or even breathe. In fact, he shouldn't even look at me! One of his cold germs might see me and decide to make a long jump right over to me, after all! Well, one never knows!

Since he just sold a bunch of shelving units that were in the upstairs room of our garage, he suggested perhaps I would like him to move out there now that there's more space. I told him it was a perfectly wonderful idea. He could even take a couple little space heaters to try to keep warm.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold and Flu Season

I haven't felt like writing for awhile. Just been feeling blah and uninspired, for some reason. I hope you all have been desperately missing me though! :-)

So I was just on Facebook and saw my neighbor replying to my question of whether he would like to share our dinner of leftovers tonight. We have spaghetti and meatballs, and beef burgundy stew on the menu tonight. I like sharing dinner with him, usually on a weekly basis. I usually cook something special with him in mind. Since I'm feeling blah - nothing special, just leftovers tonight.

Anyway, his reply to me was that he has the cold or flu and feels like a "science experiment gone wrong." He has no sense of taste or smell and is feeling very sad, he said. Poor thing! :-(

I've been noticing more and more people are getting sick. Many are sick from that stomach flu. One Facebook friend was talking about how that particular flu has been making its rounds through her family, diarrhea and vomiting - all that nasty stuff.

And guess what?!?! Today, I've been having diarrhea! Oh geez - I hope I don't have that stomach flu! As long as I don't start puking, I'm happy. Diarrhea usually never bothers me. I think it's a good way to lose a bit of weight! (haha) No, I don't actively pursue getting rid of calories by that method! I just am not bothered if it happens though. It only sucks when accompanied by those gut wrenching, horrific stomach cramps. Luckily, that's a very rare occurence for me.

So I am leaving everyone with a reminder to wash your hands frequently, try not to touch anything in public without using your sanitizing gel immediately afterwards, and if you are sick - STAY HOME & DON'T SPREAD YOUR NASTY GERMS TO THE REST OF US!!! Thank you!

And for my neighbor, get better soon! Thanks for keeping yourself at home and not spreading your illness out & about. Sorry someone obviously spread it to you though! And if you need anything, give us a holler!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Salons

My next blog post was going to be about an article my mom gave me concerning germs in all our kitchens. But I was just at my hair salon yesterday to get a new "do" and highlights (turned out FABULOUS, thanks for asking!).

My hair stylist is really awesome. That's why I followed her from the salon very close to my house to the one rather far from my "territory" where she moved to a couple years ago. She's a perfectionist so my hair is always completely perfect after she's done with it. It takes her about 3 hours to highlight, cut and style and cut again - just to get every hair in perfect alignment or whatever! I appreciate it! (I have to say this in case she ever reads this blog - but I really, REALLY do mean it too!)

Anyway, since I'm a germaphobe I always notice what people are doing to spread germs about. The salon is no exception. How many times have I watched her drop a comb, a clip, or some other thing she's using and then pick it back up off the floor and put it in my hair?!

Have you ever stopped to think of how filthy a floor is? Where have you walked today? Where have other people walked? What kind of germs are we picking up on our shoes as we walk around everywhere?

For example, my husband got duck and geese crap all over the bottom of his shoe when we were feeding the creatures at a pond over the weekend. Now imagine him walking into my salon for a haircut, duck poop germs on his shoes, and the stylist dropped her comb on the floor. It's kind of like smearing duck poop in his hair when she picks the comb back up and runs it in his hair, don't you think?!

Then if he doesn't shower before going to bed that night, his face is rolling and moving around that pillow where his duck-poop-hair is! Gross, huh?!

I also notice all the brushes on her station that are full of other people's hair. She uses those in my hair. How do I know these other people's hair is clean? When I go in, my hair doesn't get washed until all my color has been done first. The clips and combs to separate my hair for the color and tin foil is going on unwashed hair. Luckily, I do happen to wash my hair every day, so it IS clean. But what of the other people's hair?

I never see her taking out or putting anything into that big canister of blue sanitized liquid that combs and whatnot are supposed to go into. Never!

Then I go to bed that night, no shower until the next day, toss and turn, my face all over the pillow where my germy salon-done hair is, mouth drooling (yes, I'm a drooler! *sigh* )  and picking up who knows what kind of germs in my sleep?!

It's something to think about! Take notice the next time you go in for a haircut and/or color! What kind of germs are going on your hair from unclean salon tools?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dinner Out - OY!

The hubby and I went to Novi Andiamo's for dinner last night. This is a rather upscale restaurant, for those of you unfamiliar with the small Michigan chain.

We had a $20 certificate for the restaurant and we both got the October Prezzo-Fisser Menu special; an appetizer, entree and dessert for one pretty darn good price.

As we sat there, I noticed a couple things to make a germaphobe shudder. The first thing happened to the table of four people sitting next to us. Their waiter brought out their entrees on a large tray he was carrying. Three of the entrees were under metal domes to keep warm. The fourth entree was exposed to the air and was directly under the waiter's nose and mouth, just about an inch or two above the food!

I cringed thinking of the guy breathing all over this one entree! YUCK! What if he coughed, or a tiny bubble of snot came out of his nose as he breathed or something?! Ugh! Seriously, the uncovered food was just RIGHT UNDER his face - he could have practically stuck out his tongue for a taste! Of all the entrees to be left uncovered, did it have to be the ONE just under the guy's mouth?! Sheesh!

The next thing I found disturbing was the guy filling up the water glasses for all of us. He kept carrying the metal water pitcher around by the lip where the liquid comes out. Dude, there is a HANDLE on the pitcher for a REASON! USE IT!

As much as I love to eat out, things like this are such a turn-off. It's scary to put your health in the germy hands and practices of some people in the restaurant industry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cell Phone Poop

The recent buzz has been about a study that came out of the UK last week regarding fecal contamination on cell phones.  According to CNN, one in six cell phones in Britain tested positive for E. coli bacteria, or poop as we all know it.

"This study provides more evidence that people still don't wash their hands properly, especially after going to the toilet," Dr. Val Curtis of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said.

Furthermore, when the people were surveyed for the study, 95% claimed they wash their hands with soap and water. Yet 92% of their cell phones and 82% of their hands showed various bacteria. And the dreaded E. coli bacteria was on 16% of hands and cell phones. Sounds like too many people are not being truthful! Liars, liars, pants on fire!

"'People may claim they wash their hands regularly but the science shows otherwise,' said Dr. Ron Cutler, of Queen Mary, University of London. A person can transfer fecal bacteria by touching door handles, food and mobile phones and, from there, to other people."

Seriously disgusting, isn't it?!

Check out this video report:

People, WASH YOUR HANDS!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Aaaargh!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shaking Hands

I think hand shaking has got to be about the worst custom, especially for a germaphobe. I just hate it when people want to shake my hand. It drives me nuts! Over the past several years, I have come to the point of outright rejecting the revolting hand shaking custom. It's MY hand and I do NOT want it being handled by anyone (husband being the exception - IF his hands are clean!)

I can easily and without any qualms reject a stranger's proffered hand that I know I'll never or rarely see again. Someone like a sales person or other such people who want my business, I guess I don't care much if they think I'm odd. I just tell them, "I'm not into shaking hands."

The biggest problem is at church though. There is always, very unfortunately for a germaphobe, a greeting session during the beginning of the service. We're supposed to greet and shake hands with everyone around us to show how warm, nice and friendly we are, I guess. I really HATE it! Dude/ dudette, I don't know where your hand's been and I don't want your germs on a vital body part of mine that is used to rub my eyes, scratch my nose and pick up food to stuff into my mouth. Do you know how easily I get sick?!?! Egads!

I've seen too many people in church, sitting in front of us, who pick their noses, pick at their heads, pick at scabs or zits, cough or sneeze into their hands, chew on their fingers or nails, and then they want to shake everyone's hands? Not mine, buddy!

There's also those official greeters at the door I have to try to dodge. How many people's hands have they touched before they want to spread all the germs to my hand? Ewww, no way!

Most of the time I'll just give everyone a hug so they don't think I'm stuck up or haughty or something. These are people I might have to see every week, after all. I still tell them I'm not into shaking hands, but I offset it with a nice hug so we're all happy little clams.

Clams, hmm, that actually makes me think of the little clam creature all safely tucked inside its shell, never opening up unless it wants to. I bet it doesn't have to worry about getting sick from some other clam wanting to touch it and spread germs around. It doesn't have to worry what others think of it, all shut up inside its protective space. Everyone just knows it's a clam and it's supposed to be locked away from all possible harm. Gee, I wish I were a clam!

If I feel I can't get away with rejecting a hand shaking episode, I make sure I use my hand sanitizer before I touch anything else again. My husband always shakes people's hands, so I'm always ready with the sanitizer for him.

I also refuse to touch the collection plate passed to everyone for offerings or any of the Communion trays. My husband automatically takes them as they're being handed to me because he knows I won't touch them. Sheesh, since we sit in the back row, it's as bad as if we'd gone around shaking all the germ-ridden hands of every single person in our section of the church! Yuck!

Yes, hand shaking is a very serious pet peeve of mine. I would think more people would be aware of how germy hands are and how easily illness can be transferred by them, that no one would want to shake hands anymore. I like Howie Mandell's fist bump. It's a much better idea, don't you think? Let's all boycott the hand shake until we rid it from the earth! YAY!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Public Pens

Have you ever thought about the community pens you use? Like when you're signing in at a doctor's office? How many germs are you picking up there from all the people who are sick, besides the regular gross germs from people who don't have clean hands?! Ewww!

And then there's the pens you use to sign credit card receipts. How many unwashed hands have used them before you? Another big ewwww!

The worst pens are the ones that are attached to those ePads, or electronic signature capture devices, used so prevalently in retail stores now. There's nothing a germaphobe can do to get around a pen like that.

For all standard pens used to sign paper with, I always keep my own pen in my purse ready to take out and use. I never use the proffered community pen. Those pens give me the "willies"!

But what does one do with those electronic device pens? I freak everytime I have to use one of those! A couple of times I've taken out a tissue to handle the pens with, but the cashier and other customers look at me like I'm a real weirdo! It's a bit embarrassing to be such a huge germaphobe sometimes.

At some retail stores I cannot even write a check without still having to sign on that electronic device! I am so disgusted by those pens. I know they are chock-full of germs.

UPS and other delivery companies also make you sign with that nasty pen on the electronic device. Why can't we all just go back to the standard pen and paper?! Then I can use my own clean pen and not have to touch something that hundreds of strangers with dirty hands have touched before me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sneezing and coughing

I went to see Dolphin Tale yesterday. The theater was full of families with little kids. I was glad I got there early so I had a good choice of seats. I always sit in the very last row because I don't like having people sit behind me. One never knows when the person behind them could be sick.

So I'm sitting there, eating popcorn, watching previews and waiting for the movie to start when this older man and lady climb the stairs, and then the man is heading to the seats by me. He touches the seat directly next to me and then leans over me with his face next to my ear and asks if he can share my popcorn. WHAT?! REALLY?!?!?!

I'm in a bit of a shock when I snorted and shook my head no. He ends up sitting with one chair between us. When I finished my popcorn I actually think about giving him the bag so he can go get himself a free refill. But I decide I don't want to encourage any weird behavior or thoughts of his towards me. My husband often says I'm a weirdo magnet.

So now the movie is playing. Many of the youngest children are up and out of their seats, playing in the aisles, fidgeting, wanting more snacks, etc. Then I hear one of the kids sneezing their little head off somewhere below me. I'm glad I'm not sitting down there!

A little bit later, one little girl who has been one of the worst fidgeters is moving up the aisle, playing around. She ends up sitting with some other people she obviously knows just a couple rows below mine. She's standing there, doing whatever fidgeting little kids do when they're not sitting and watching a movie as they are supposed to do, when she starts sneezing her little head off. I watch her continuing to sneeze all over the people's heads who are just inches in front of her. YUCK!

This is precisely why I do not ever like sitting in front of people. I want the very back seat, away from anyone who could breathe, cough or sneeze on me.

Last Christmas Eve service at the church we attended turned into one of horror for me. We sat in the very last row, as usual. All was good until more and more people kept coming in. That's a good thing, right? More people in church should always be a good thing.

Well, it turned bad when more chairs for extra rows of seating were put out. And now the last row we were sitting in no longer was the last row. Now we had another couple rows behind us, plus a few more chairs to the side of us.

I felt very anxious and nervous when a bunch of people sat behind us. That anxiety went through the roof when the teen girl directly behind me kept leaning forward into my "space" and I could feel her breath on the back of my head. I pointedly turned to look at her with her face so close to me, but she kept doing it. 

Then the coughing started. There were two of them coughing behind us. Plus one of them had very congested, wet sounding breathing. I'm ready to bolt out of my seat. I am beyond distressed at this point. My husband knows I'm freaking out inside and barely able to contain myself.

It wasn't long before I decide I can't take it anymore. Despite being in the midst of a very reverent service the night before Christmas, I stand up and make my way past the others in our row. My husband and I leave the church and go back home.

It's better to be safe and well than sick and sorry later, right?!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woes of Eating Out

Last night the hubby took me out to a Mexican restaurant in Hartland. We went there because it was near the closest Cold Stone Creamery to us. I noticed on Facebook that participating Cold Stones were having a big ice cream social with free special ice cream in support of Make A Wish Foundation (free with anticipated donations, of course). FREE ice cream?!?!?! Oh boy - I'm THERE!

And since I'm going to the time and trouble of getting properly dressed with hair and makeup done for the public's perusal, I might as well have husband John take me out to dinner first to enjoy maximum benefit of my efforts to look great!

So we go to this Mexican restaurant. The person who finally seats us is the guy who noticed us standing there impatiently as he's clearing a dirty table in the one room we're facing from the entryway. He seats us in the other room where there's many tables of diners. Then he comes to get our drink orders, and brings us salsa and chips.

I notice he is the only waiter in the restaurant. He is also the only busboy, which is a problem for me. I watch in horror as he buses a table, taking up four dirty glasses by carrying them as a group with his fingers inside of them, while holding all of the dirty plates in his other hand.

Not long after this he refills our chips and salsa. I doubt he washed his hands from busing that table and having all of his fingers inside of those dirty glasses, spreading who knows what kind of germs to our food! Egads! I have gross visions of him going over to where the fresh chips are kept and scooping them up in his filthy, germy hands and putting them in our basket for us to eat. Ewwww!

I feel like I am coming down with a sore throat today. I hope I'm wrong! Maybe it's just from being out in the cold last night without a coat. I often suffer from sore throats and sometimes they go away after a day or two, but sometimes they turn into a terrible virus that lasts up to three weeks. No, I'm not crazy & imagining I'm getting sick! Okay, I guess it may be too soon to get sick since I was just exposed to germs last night. But we were out on Sunday so maybe it happened then....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have you seen the movie, Contagion?

Okay, I've been a germaphobe for many decades, it's true. But when my husband and I saw that movie, Contagion, it suddenly gave me a new purpose in life! It sparked the idea for this germaphobe blog. Ta da! Here it is! My very first post in my very first blog, ever! :-)

John, the hubby, was very, very reluctant to take me to see Contagion. I get the feeling I might drive him the tiniest, maybe ever so slightly bit crazy with my fear of germs. Go figure! I am just protecting us, after all! Sheesh! :-/

Anyway, he was afraid it would make me all the more germ crazy. No, I don't think so! I already am aware that everything one touches in public is full of nasty germs. I often tell him, "Don't touch that!" I remind him to use hand sanitizer after everything he does touch. And I make sure to ask him if he used a paper towel to open the door handle when he leaves the men's public restroom. (Gee, I hope he's not lying when he tells me he did! Do you think I should go in with him next time to check on him???)

This business of hand shaking is also a big no - no with me! HATE it! More on that in another blog post soon...

So the one thing that has been constant in my mind since watching that Contagion movie... should I get one of those biohazard suits that Jude Law's character was wearing???