Monday, November 28, 2011

Hugo Movie

The hubby and I saw Hugo yesterday at the cinema. It was supposed to be a great movie from ratings I had seen of it. Wrong! I had the hardest time keeping awake! It was sooooo BORING! I'm glad we saw it in 3D or I probably would have fallen fast asleep, snoring and all! It dragged on and on, ever so slowly....
The 3D made it a little more interesting and tolerable though.

Anyway, the man in front of me (hubby & I were sitting in the upper most seats, as usual) went to get a refill on his drink. He wadded up all his napkins and put them inside the cup holder. I thought (hoped) he was done with them and just leaving them there for whatever reason.

Can you see me cringing when he came back and took those napkins back in his hand to hold and use again? Ugh! What has been inside that cup holder?! I have seen discarded used gum and spilled "stuff" and people's garbage, used napkins, whatever, in these cup holders before! Now someone is going to be wiping their mouth and hands on something that has picked up who knows what kind of germs in that icky cup holder?! Another big UGH!

Then guess what I did a little bit later? I sneezed one of the biggest sneezes ever! Nope, did not cover my mouth - it just sprayed all over the guy! Terrible, isn't it?! I must have gotten my spit sprayed onto his drinking straw and maybe even into his popcorn. Ewww!

The guy never flinched or turned his head. I know if I were him I'd be turning around to glare at the person who just sneezed on me. And I'd be moving away - far away!

See, that's exactly why you shouldn't sit in front of people. You never know when some idiot (yours truly this time) is going to sneeze or cough on you!

But on second thought, go on, keep sitting in front of people and leave those back row seats open for ME!


  1. Well...I know that I won't be watching that movie! 8 )

    And Bless you! LOL

  2. I wanted to see Hugo, now I will wait. Some people will never change, bring their habits from home to theater. Cheers.

  3. Well, the movie is artistic - that's something in its favor, Chris! :-)
    Just don't go if you're already tired!