Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold and Flu Season

I haven't felt like writing for awhile. Just been feeling blah and uninspired, for some reason. I hope you all have been desperately missing me though! :-)

So I was just on Facebook and saw my neighbor replying to my question of whether he would like to share our dinner of leftovers tonight. We have spaghetti and meatballs, and beef burgundy stew on the menu tonight. I like sharing dinner with him, usually on a weekly basis. I usually cook something special with him in mind. Since I'm feeling blah - nothing special, just leftovers tonight.

Anyway, his reply to me was that he has the cold or flu and feels like a "science experiment gone wrong." He has no sense of taste or smell and is feeling very sad, he said. Poor thing! :-(

I've been noticing more and more people are getting sick. Many are sick from that stomach flu. One Facebook friend was talking about how that particular flu has been making its rounds through her family, diarrhea and vomiting - all that nasty stuff.

And guess what?!?! Today, I've been having diarrhea! Oh geez - I hope I don't have that stomach flu! As long as I don't start puking, I'm happy. Diarrhea usually never bothers me. I think it's a good way to lose a bit of weight! (haha) No, I don't actively pursue getting rid of calories by that method! I just am not bothered if it happens though. It only sucks when accompanied by those gut wrenching, horrific stomach cramps. Luckily, that's a very rare occurence for me.

So I am leaving everyone with a reminder to wash your hands frequently, try not to touch anything in public without using your sanitizing gel immediately afterwards, and if you are sick - STAY HOME & DON'T SPREAD YOUR NASTY GERMS TO THE REST OF US!!! Thank you!

And for my neighbor, get better soon! Thanks for keeping yourself at home and not spreading your illness out & about. Sorry someone obviously spread it to you though! And if you need anything, give us a holler!


  1. You aren't the only one that has been feeling blah lately...I've been that way for couple of days.

    No flu here...yet...but definitely a cold has entered the house...and of course there's a school aged child here...need I say more?!?!?

    Hope your neighbor feels better...

  2. School kids - definitely one of the biggest known germ carriers on the planet!!! LOL!
    KEEP AWAY!!!! ;-)

    Hope you don't catch any bug! Stay well. :-)

  3. Yep, school-aged kids (or those in daycare) are the biggest problem; mine was constantly bringing home something.

    Now, my husband always gets sick at work because he works in a plant with 3,000+ people who are all ages with all different aged kids; its a constant thing with him!

    I, however, rarely get the what I call, "easy" sick things, no me ... I have to go with the doozy sick stuff :) LOL ... my family doctor once told me before I was diagnosed that my file had like 10 sheets in it from annual physicals that were fine and now it is a 2-3 inch thick novella!

  4. Ah, Carolyn, what I wouldn't give to exchange your "doozy" illness for something "easy" & simple to heal!

  5. Some of the best advice is "STAY AT HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!" Also wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer when you are out and about.
    Hope that you aren't really sick. Let me know tomorrow how you are feeling and what you are thinking about for Monday.

  6. I still am planning on Monday. I don't really feel that sick. I just can't seem to keep food in me - which is fine! I can gorge myself & not worry about it since it will soon all come out anyway!!! ROTFL!!! Okay, I'm being a bit gross, aren't I?! haha