Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sister Germs

My sister's car was repossessed recently. She needed a ride yesterday and I agreed to pick her up at the Salvation Army later that evening where she's been doing community service. (Don't ask! *sigh* I'm just thankful I'm nothing like her!)

Before going to pick her up, I began thinking of all the germs she's going to be bringing into my clean car!  Seriously, the girl doesn't even wash her hands after using the toilet! Pretty gross, eh?! Think how much grosser it is to the mind of a germaphobe like ME! Ugh! *another heavy sigh*

So I'm thinking I should make her use the hand sanitizer before she gets into my car at the Salvation Army. Okay, that sounds good. I'm feeling relieved. There's tons of germs she's picking up at that place, I'm sure! Ick!

Then a little later I'm thinking about how combative she is and how I'd have to make her use the sanitizer after she goes to the AccuTest place, the CVS & the hair salon's beauty supply store too. Hmmm, she's not going to go for that, is she?! Dang! Looks like I'm biting the bullet on this one! *a whopper heavy sigh*

So I get her from the Salvation Army. She's in a doozy of a nasty mood. It's dinner time and I thought we could eat a nice dinner out together. Nope, she's not interested in eating - just wants to get her test & errands done, and bitch & gripe about her life the whole entire time. Crazy stuff, really super crazy!

Of course, she's not in the least bit responsible for her own really bad decisions of why her life has turned to crap! She just expects our parents to bail her out though. Hey, my hubby & I could use some bailing out too, come to think of it, and we haven't been irresponsible like she has either! *heaviest sigh of all*

So we get to the AccuTest place. She was driving my car as it would be easier than me having to drive for various reasons. So I'm sitting outside the office thinking about what germs she's picking up in this kind of place - and I doubt she's washing her hands after peeing in that cup! Egads! You ever peed in a cup before, you know that some of your pee ends up on your hands, missing the cup. At least for us girls! *sigh*

Then off to CVS and then to the beauty salon where she buys top dollar professional hair color stuff, not the less expensive stuff that's sold in drug or discount stores. Hey, she doesn't have to pay for it, my parents do! Woo hoo! Lucky her! *heavy sigh*

Okay, I think her pissy mood and attitude is still getting to me today, as I write this! You think?! *sigh*

So after I drop off the unappreciative, in a foul mood sister and get back home to my husband, we are trying to decide what to do about dinner as it's getting quite late now. We decide on a nearby restaurant we have a gift card to.

Now get this: Before we get into the car, the darling, wonderful, delightful husband goes into his bathroom and gets a Clorox Disinfectant Wipe to wipe down the steering wheel and whatever else from my sister! I didn't even ask him to! He just did it on his own! Wow, I think I'm even more in love with him than ever! :-)


  1. Some very valid points to ponder...and your hubby must be picking up your worry of germs! I know I am! 8 )

    I'm sorry that the whole trip wasn't pleasant and that it putyou in a not so good mood!

    Sending hugs........!

  2. Thanks, skyangel, I surely need those hugs! You're the best! :-)