Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

The day after the American celebrated Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Tons of people get up super early, or have already been camped out in front of their favorite deal places for the past week, to get the best bargains of the year at all the various stores.

In honor of Black Friday:


This photo is of a serval cat which lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.


  1. Perfect photo! LOL

    I am not a Black Friday shopper...I worked retail for a few years and it is nothing but sheer insanity! I'd rather pay the few dollars extra to not have to fight crowds...and extra germs!


  2. LOL - I'm with you, skyangel! Last year was the first year ever that I went out on Black Friday, getting up early & everything! It was for The Melting Pot gift certificates because I got $100 in discounts for us to use on ourselves! That was the only time I've been tempted by Black Friday deals.

  3. Never been through this Black Friday phenomena and hope I never will! I just can't see doing this pushing, shoving, breathing all over each other, grabbing for the same thing kind of stuff!

  4. There's an awful lot of people who really get into that, Carolyn! But I'm not one of them!

  5. Had my first Black Friday experience this year. We arrived in Buffalo about ten thirty Thursday evening. The line at Best Buy at the Galleria Mall wound all the way out into the parking lot. The line at Target across the street wound around the front and side of the building, we couldn't see the end.

    We decided to go back to the Mall and wait for Macey's to open at midnight. There was no line up when we got there, we sat on a bench in the mall and wait. By the time midnight rolled around there was a huge crowd at the doors but no incidents, no pushing, shoving or reaching for the same thing that I saw. People were orderly and the excitement subdued.

    Now the line ups at the check out counters were the worst, they were just very slow but the service when you finally get to the clerk was great. You were not rushed, you were given full attention and all questions answered.

    Who woulda thought you Americans could be so nice? LOL

  6. Welcome to Black Friday in America, Marg! Glad you were able to make it! :-)

    Well, you get a different clientele at Macey's, I'm thinking. It would be quite unseemly for those snobby people to push & shove or show much emotion!! hahaha
    Okay, okay, I'm kidding - I've shopped there, myself! That's where John was fitted for his last suit. I think I got my gorgeous dress there for a themed wedding we went, maybe it was Lord & Taylor's (another store for "discriminating tastes"!)
    Oh well, I can't afford any of 'em anymore! So if I need or want something - LOOK OUT!!! - I'm gonna get the claws out since I'll be shopping where the lowly masses have to shop! ROTFL!