Friday, November 11, 2011

Surrounded by Sick Germs

Mother and I were supposed to be having High Tea at a shop near her house today. I had to cancel our tea yesterday since mom called to say she was getting sick with some kind of nasty virus. I rescheduled the tea for the weekend after Thanksgiving, in hopes she'll be all better - and I won't be sick by then!

This is such a bad time of year for colds and flu. I just wish I could hibernate like a bear until Spring comes around again. I've always hated Fall and Winter. I'm usually sick too often, and freezing and depressed throughout both Seasons.


Last night the hubby was talking to me and I noticed he sounded a bit congested. I accused him of being sick and he finally admitted he may very well have a cold. UGH!

I started freaking out, carrying on about how I'll catch it now and will be too sick to enjoy Thanksgiving or go to the rescheduled high tea. He is not as careful about germs as I'd like him to be. Plus, we do share a bed together. Oh, woe is me!

I told him he can't touch ANYTHING in the house or even breathe. In fact, he shouldn't even look at me! One of his cold germs might see me and decide to make a long jump right over to me, after all! Well, one never knows!

Since he just sold a bunch of shelving units that were in the upstairs room of our garage, he suggested perhaps I would like him to move out there now that there's more space. I told him it was a perfectly wonderful idea. He could even take a couple little space heaters to try to keep warm.


  1. You are't being very nice to him. :)I am sure he isn't happy about getting a cold.
    Hope he gets well quickly.

  2. Well, I think my suggestion of space heaters for the garage is very nice! ;-)

    Yes, hopefully he gets over this very quickly & doesn't spread it to *ME*! :-)

  3. Laura, just tell him to sleep on the couch for a few days while he's contagious! He doesn't have to sleep out in the garage! Poor John, probably doesn't breathe too hard around you when he's got the sniffles in fear of what you'll do and say!

    Go get one of those sun mimicking lights and you'll feel much better :)

  4. LOL - okay, you guys, I'm really not quite the ogre I pretend to be. I'm just trying to be funny here. I really wouldn't make him sleep in the uninsulated garage - besides, I'd be afraid a spider might crawl onto him out there & he'd bring it into the house unawares!
    Carolyn, I'll tell John you said he's to sleep on the couch now. :-)

  5. Kinda off-topic. What tha heck is "High Tea"? How is it different from afternoon tea or dinner? OK so I'm socially retarded. But this is what I found here.

    'The recent switch to the use of high tea in the US, which occurred in the 1950s, comes primarily from the word “high” being used as a synonym for “elegant” or “formal.”'



  6. Just a formal tea, Marg, yep. You want to join us?

  7. You betcha! :)

    I'll be a good girl - not. :O

  8. I'm sure there must be a good girl lurking somewhere in all that sassy badness! We'll fish her out! haha