Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ground You Walk Upon, Justin Bieber

So I was watching the early morning news today on The Today Show. It was Justin Bieber day and the crowds were insane waiting for him to do his little concert out on the Plaza. I'm not a fan of Bieber, but that's okay - I'm rather old, I guess.

At one point, the camera caught Bieber doing a kind of hide-and-seek outside of his dressing room in the studio. He kept dashing about like a child while the camera caught his antics. He then actually dropped to the floor and spread out full length on his belly with his face to the floor. HIS FACE WAS ON THE FLOOR! Ewwwww!

Now the floor he was plopped out full length on was in a hallway outside the dressing room. There were other people milling about. The floor was some kind of dark carpet or something that actually looked like it could have used a bit of cleaning. And his FACE was ON the FLOOR! 
(can you see my horrified looking face???)

Does no one think about the filth of a floor that has been walked on by countless shoes that has walked in how many other places filled with countless, revolting, filthy, icky germs? Okay, just think about it now....

I wonder if anyone kissed that cheek he had against the dirty floor? Who might have shook or touched his hands that had been against that floor? Hmmm....

I fell back asleep before he went outside to do his concert. I never saw if anyone touched or kissed him. Those germs he picked up on the floor were just ready to be spread about to adoring fans though!


  1. Now you know why you won't find me on the floor hardly ever! Dogs walk across it after being outside where they have peed and pooped...ewwww!

  2. Yep! One of these days I gotta do a post about pets & germs. It's one I don't like thinking about since I have 3 cats! LOL!

  3. Well, I think it's been established that the Beeb is, in point of fact, not a germaphobe!

  4. Nope, he's not in the germaphobe club! haha I bet Howie Mandel would be squirming at the thought of lying about on the floor though!

  5. Come to think about is it that a germaphobe lives with three cats? Does she clean all day? :)

  6. LOL - I just try very, very hard to NOT think of how germy these cats are!!! Egads!