Monday, November 21, 2011

VG's Grocery Store

Yesterday since I was feeling down about the usual family issues and how I'm always treated like crap, John wanted to make sure he got me out for a nice day, to get my mind off of things for awhile. We had a wonderful late breakfast at my niece and nephew-in-law's restaurant, The Maple House. That sure perked up my mood and gave my belly a reason to do a big "happy dance."

After the fabulous restaurant meal, we decided to go to Ikea to look around. It's a big place, two floors of all kinds of cool stuff. We spent a good portion of the day there. Checked out some furniture we might want in the future since we won't be buying anything again from Art Van Furniture (see last blog post).

Poor John got the benefit(?) of my nagging about germs. I was trying to hold it in - really I was! He just kept opening the different doors to appliances in all the rooms Ikea has set up as various kitchens they sell. I know it's "normal" for most people to touch things. I understand that, but it doesn't mean I like it. I'm a germaphobe - what can I say?!

So he's checking out all the appliances. I'm trying to not say anything so he can enjoy browsing. There are tons of people coughing and sneezing around us as we're walking about though. It finally gets to be too much to handle and I burst out with, "You're touching all these appliance handles and doors. Do you see all these sick people around us? You're picking up all their sick germs!"

Egads! Well, I tried to relax my germaphobia, but it won out! Hey, I don't want us to get sick! He gets over anything fairly quickly, while I'm pretty much in hell for about three weeks. My immune system has always been lousy, since I was born! I'm pretty sure that's why I'm a germaphobe. Okay, that and I'm just plain weird?!

After Ikea (and our whopping $9.51 purchase), we went to Westland Mall. Geez, it's been so many years since we've been there! Things have changed a great deal. The whole area has turned mega busy and built up! We used to live in Westland in this horrible little apartment right after we got married. What a dump! But I digress...

Anyway, after leaving the mall, we went to dinner at one of my favorite places, Antonio's Cucina Italiana. It was a good day of eating out. My niece's restaurant in the morning and Antonios in the evening. Germ-free dining at both places! And great food - so I was very happy!

Then we needed to do a little grocery shopping. I wanted to pick up some whole frozen turkey breasts since the stores have them on sale now. The best sale was at a store in Waterford called VG's Grocery, just a $1.49 lb (gee, I remember not too long ago .99 a lb was the avg sale price!).

After picking up various items and the turkeys (2), we went to the deli to get some cranberry orange relish for the Thanksgiving holiday that hubby and I will be spending exclusively with each other. After all, we're our own best company, right?! :-)

So we're waiting and waiting for someone to come to the counter. We hear some banging activity nearby behind the deli area. Then a young lady finally comes and asks what she can get for us. I ask for a sample of the cranberry relish. She bangs stuff around and gives me a tiny cup of relish to try. I turn my back on her to eat as she's glowering at me and sending all kinds of negative vibes at me.

The relish is good, and the hubby & I decide to get a half pound of it. The girl is constantly wiping her nose, looks like she's sick, and is in a really foul mood. She bangs more stuff around, gets the relish for us, puts plastic wrap over the container because she says they're out of lids, then hands it over, all the while with a negative attitude and look about her.

When she closes the door to the deli counter, she does it with such violence that the door plops right out of its track and into the food inside. It lands in the relish we just bought and the pulled pork dish. The little cup and spoon we had just ate a sample from also lands inside where all the food is. Ewww! (That ewww is for the rest of the people who don't know that our spit will be on their food now!)

As we are walking away, we got to talking about this girl. She's sick. She's not concerned about sanitary conditions, obviously. And we are really bothered by her attitude. Who knows what a person like that might be doing to the food? So we leave the container of relish behind. Hopefully Kroger or Meijer sells a good cranberry relish we can buy before Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y'all! Let it be germ free, sick free, stress free and HAPPY!


  1. Why didn't you report her to a manager? That's not appropriate behavior and if she is sick...well she's only just passing it around.

    I don't blame you for leaving the cranberry sause behind...probably a good thing you did. Ick!

  2. Hey Aaron makes an AMAZING cranberry sauce at The Maple House. Several people have already ordered theirs for thanksgiving. Just a thought :-)

  3. I'da left that thing right there on the counter for her to take back. And I'da politely pointed out to her that I don't think that whole area is sanitary. Clean-up on aisle... :(

  4. I didn't think about reporting her, sky, but I should have. You gave me a good idea though - I'm going to send a message & link of this blog post to VG's facebook page.

    Tiffany, I wish we would have gotten some cranberry sauce to go on Sunday when we were there for that AMAZING breakfast! Darn! Y'all need to open The Maple House II nearby to us!

    Marg, John stuck it in the freezer since we were at that section in the store when we decided we didn't want to take it home. I think the girl would have thrown the deli case door at me if I'da said much of anything to her! LOL

  5. Btw, John & I will NOT be staying home alone for Thanksgiving now. My wonderful friend Sherry (she was my best friend in grade school, I haven't seen her in over 2 decades now, but she found me on FB, & now we are great friends again & only live a few miles away from each other! How COOL is THAT?!)has invited us to spend the day with their family & share the holiday meal & good times! LOVE that girl!!!

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