Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Salons

My next blog post was going to be about an article my mom gave me concerning germs in all our kitchens. But I was just at my hair salon yesterday to get a new "do" and highlights (turned out FABULOUS, thanks for asking!).

My hair stylist is really awesome. That's why I followed her from the salon very close to my house to the one rather far from my "territory" where she moved to a couple years ago. She's a perfectionist so my hair is always completely perfect after she's done with it. It takes her about 3 hours to highlight, cut and style and cut again - just to get every hair in perfect alignment or whatever! I appreciate it! (I have to say this in case she ever reads this blog - but I really, REALLY do mean it too!)

Anyway, since I'm a germaphobe I always notice what people are doing to spread germs about. The salon is no exception. How many times have I watched her drop a comb, a clip, or some other thing she's using and then pick it back up off the floor and put it in my hair?!

Have you ever stopped to think of how filthy a floor is? Where have you walked today? Where have other people walked? What kind of germs are we picking up on our shoes as we walk around everywhere?

For example, my husband got duck and geese crap all over the bottom of his shoe when we were feeding the creatures at a pond over the weekend. Now imagine him walking into my salon for a haircut, duck poop germs on his shoes, and the stylist dropped her comb on the floor. It's kind of like smearing duck poop in his hair when she picks the comb back up and runs it in his hair, don't you think?!

Then if he doesn't shower before going to bed that night, his face is rolling and moving around that pillow where his duck-poop-hair is! Gross, huh?!

I also notice all the brushes on her station that are full of other people's hair. She uses those in my hair. How do I know these other people's hair is clean? When I go in, my hair doesn't get washed until all my color has been done first. The clips and combs to separate my hair for the color and tin foil is going on unwashed hair. Luckily, I do happen to wash my hair every day, so it IS clean. But what of the other people's hair?

I never see her taking out or putting anything into that big canister of blue sanitized liquid that combs and whatnot are supposed to go into. Never!

Then I go to bed that night, no shower until the next day, toss and turn, my face all over the pillow where my germy salon-done hair is, mouth drooling (yes, I'm a drooler! *sigh* )  and picking up who knows what kind of germs in my sleep?!

It's something to think about! Take notice the next time you go in for a haircut and/or color! What kind of germs are going on your hair from unclean salon tools?


  1. Yick! Never thought about any either!

    I will say that any salons I have been too, that is one thing I do notice...whether the brushes and combs are clean--hair free. That is something I take issue with...what if one of those people whose hair were in those items had head lice???

  2. I was just discussing this with another friend tonight & she said her mom got some scalp fungus from her salon! Ewwww! Ya just never know! :-(

  3. Good article laura.

  4. This really does not bother me all that much, years ago I read a report about hair washing and how we really do it too muc so I took up the challenge and slowly weaned myself off waging everyday. Now I only do it once a week or every 5 days! I know Laura is wincing as she reads this and thinking "like totally gross" but I do wash my body every day just not my hair! The gross thing about germs that i find in a stylists is getting a pedicure! Totally gross ;(

  5. I've never gotten a pedi, and I stopped getting manicures a couple decades ago. I know some people aren't into washing their hair daily, but since I exercise & work up a good SWEAT while doing so, I gotta wash my hair after! Plus if I've been out the day before, I've got so much product in my hair, it really, really needs washing out! Ick! Showering every day is something I look forward to - like brushing my teeth - it just feels sooooo GOOD to be clean!

  6. I will have to pay more attention the next time I get my hair cut to see what she does.
    Good article!

  7. This is so true! This is one of the reasons I pay for the more expensive hair cut/style at a salon because they seem to have a better show about clean tools. I have hear that too about how washing your hair every day isn't healthy buuuuuuut I just cant do it! I have such a weak stomach and I can't shut my brain off when I start thinking about all the things I touched and then might have touched my hair and then I go to sleep and its all on my pillow and Im just rolling around, mouth wide open (Im a drooler too! lol) and its probably part of my DNA now. GROSS. Maybe I should shower at night but then I never have a goodhair day the next day. Another good article though! Really gets people thinking.

  8. Thanks, mom! :-)

    Hey, Tiff, you & I are so much alike! LOL! Yes, I've gone to upscale salons for the past 25 years, but that doesn't guarantee hygenic practices! It seems too many people just don't THINK about what they're doing! Ugh! I pay around a $100 at this salon, cheaper than most I've gone to, but she does the BEST job! I really like how she's a perfectionist, but I just need to open my mouth & tell her not to use those dropped combs & clips & whatnot in my hair next time! *gulp*

  9. Every item she uses on you should be cleaned and sanitized to be ready for the next client.( should have been cleaned for you) Picking up and using an item could be pure laziness,(not wanting to clean more items)and or a little cheap, ( not having enough backup items). Once dropped it should be left on the floor until she is finished. Not only is the item contaminated, but so are the fingertips, you know they just brushed the floor to pick up said item. Now imagine how many times her fingertips touch your skin.
    Oh well if you think about it to much you would never go anywhere or do anything. :)

  10. Egads, ksjj - now you have me even more grossed out than I already was! LOL! But you are sooo right about it all! And it's true, if we thought about every single germ we're exposed to it would be hard to do any kind of living at all!

  11. The first bug said, "Have you read Laura's blog about bugs and germs?"
    To which the second and smaller bug replied, "I have, and I'm concerned about that bug-phobic woman!" "She is determined to exterminate us, and force all of us to flee from our favorite hiding places."
    Upon which the first and smarter bug responded back, "True, but Mrs. Laura now has a new doo that will serve wonderfully as our bug attack she'll never muss with a hairdo that took three hours to construct. "'re right, let's sneak in the backdoor of that hairy mansion right now!" ~j.a.

  12. LOL - too funny, j.a.!!! You kill me!!! ROTFL!!!
    Glad to see you & your comments on my blog. You're the best! :-)