Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lunch With Girlfriend

I was out with a close friend for lunch this past Tuesday. She is possibly as big of a germaphobe as I am - remarkable, isn't it?! We went to my favorite niece and nephew-in-law's restaurant in Farmington Hills, The Maple House. It was the first time my friend was able to go there with me. She loved it! She plans to go back there with other friends and family now.

Anyway, everything was going fine, besides my fave niece NOT being there for my friend to meet! Her hubby and his mom were there and we enjoyed talking to them though. The food was fantastic as usual. No germs to report on as they are very careful there, just the way I like it! :-)

Then two young women were seated just behind the booth we were seated at. My friend was sitting directly behind one of the women, their heads a mere few inches from each other. The woman had curly hair she kept digging her fingers into, scratching at her scalp and then flinging her hair and whatever she had dislodged from it at my friend. I watched this go on for awhile. Then I said something - poor Adrianne! Not a happy camper after that!

After I used the bathroom, we walked next door to the drug store where my friend bought a couple items. She told me she could FEEL the woman behind her doing something, but didn't know what it was until I'd told her.

At the checkout, a very, very sick old woman came up behind us and proceeded to cough violently at the back of my friend. I quickly stepped to the side, away from the woman, but my friend had to stay put with the items she wanted to purchase. At least the old woman was very short and my friend is very tall, like me. So if a germ escaped from the woman coughing (after I moved away I only saw the old lady coughing into her sleeve, looking ever so miserable and practically on death's door. Poor thing!), it would have hit my friend's butt, so not too bad as far as germs being spread goes, I suppose.

Then when we were outside some great beast of a woman decided to step off the curb to the parking lot just a few inches from where my friend was talking to me before we said goodbye. She was so close I think she might have almost brushed against my friend.

Maybe I should go out with Adrianne a great deal more since she seems to attract the weirdos and germs to herself more than even I do! That way I can be free of them! Awwww, poor Adrianne, just kidding, my dear!


  1. This is so funny because today, I was in the store in a line waiting and this guy was literally singing in my ear the Christmas carols that were on the speaker system. There I was shifting all over the place trying to get away from this a**hole who was less than two inches behind me screaming in my ear! See with you it's germs ... me its noise and obnoxious people!

    Me, I slays try to seat myself on a wall or an aisle just so I don't have someone behind me doing whatever to annoy me during a meal out!

  2. LOL - too funny!!! You should have turned & scowled at him! Maybe showed him where YOUR space is & push him into what should be HIS space!!! ;-)

    I hate being crowded in by other people! Ick! My aunt calls it "the herding effect", why people all group up together, strangers! We don't like it! KEEP AWAY!!!


  3. "Herding effect:...that's a good one! True too! And probably why I hate crowds and crowded places!

    I swear woman, you and your girlfriend sure know how to find them! Wow!

  4. Of course my brain is still a ball of mush! the above message was, of course, from Carolyn! ;)

  5. How about kids in the booth behind you standing up, turning around and touching you with their grubby hands? Or coughing or sneezing at you?

  6. What happened to table manners? Sad.

  7. sky - it is kinda funny (at least when it's not happening to ME! lol)

    Carolyn, I kinda figured it was you. I thought perhaps you were trying to go incognito, but was leaving me just enough of a partial clue to figure out it was you! LOL! ;-)

  8. Anon, that is the WORST!!! Can't stand unruly children!!! UGH! And kids are the germiest creatures on earth! ICK!

    Too many people have no manners at all, Chris. Disgusting!

  9. Boy, it's beginning to look a lot safer in my house now. :)

  10. Tell me about it, Marg! Sometimes I hate leaving the house! John gets worried if I hole up inside for too long though, becoming a weirdo hermit! LOL
    But I tell him it saves him a heck of a lot of money keeping me home! haha

  11. Oh sheesh.. your poor friend.. people can be so rude and unaware of space.

    I have space issues, I really can't stand others in it unless I know and love them. The other day the guy behind me in Panda Express was edging closer and closer to me till he was practically touching me, I could hear him breathing. It took everything I had not to turn around and remind him where his bubble was at. Sometimes I think it would be grand to be a hermit with bike rides periodically for fun and fresh air. ;-)

  12. Come over, skinnier, we can be hermits together! LOL!!!
    I've gotten more & more outspoken, the older I get. I most likely would have turned to glare at your guy in line, maybe backed up & stepped on his foot "accidentally" on purpose, or maybe even come right out & told him, "hey, you're invading my space!"