Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Love You, Dave, But.....

We used to own an art gallery in a strip mall in W. Bloomfield, Michigan a decade ago. It was near one of the best restaurants in the metro area, Eurasian Grill. The owner is a right jolly little fellow named Dave. GREAT guy, always friendly, talkative, treats you like you're his best customer and friend, even if he hasn't seen you in quite awhile, always ready with a joke and lots of laughter. His laugh - oh my gosh! It just cracks you up to hear his crazy, booming laugh! This is a happy place to go for an excellent, upscale meal.

So this is where we went to dine tonight. Dave was under the weather though and there was no laughing or visiting with us this evening. After he seated us he went back to the front of the restaurant and proceeded to cough, hack, snort, and make all kinds of the most disgusting sounds he possibly could make while us diners tried to swallow our food.

I was in high anxiety mode thinking of the germs he was coughing around! He just spat all of his coughs and snorts into the air, not even trying to shield them from the rest of us as he walked back and forth many times. I was glad he was not stopping to chat at our table, as he always had before!

I was and still am very nervous thinking about all of his sick germs in the air and on who knows what! We have a big New Years Eve party to go to in a couple days that I'm really looking forward to! Plus they're depending on me bringing the cocktail meatballs - a triple batch this time.

So, Dave, we love you, but seriously, you should stay home when you're that sick! The restaurant is not going to go under if you're not there every single minute to keep an eye on everything. STAY HOME WHEN YOU'RE SICK! None of the rest of us needs to catch what you've got!

As soon as I got home I took a Zinc and a Vitamin C. Please don't let me get sick, please don't let me get sick, please don't let me get sick, please.... 


  1. Good Lord, seem destined to be anyplace there is a sick person! Wowee! Now you know why I stay home so much! (Just kidding!)

    Love ya...please don't get sick...please don't get sick.........

  2. You know... If you had gone with dinner companions you would have had a wonderful conversation and not even have noticed the sick people around you. ( like earlier in the day for lunch when three employees were coughing and sneezing) yup must have been the good company that kept you distracted.

  3. ok ok I was kidding about the sick people, did'nt notice. :)

  4. Geez, girl, my heart almost stopped as I read about the 3 sick people at Dukes when we were there for lunch!!! You bugger - you got me there! LOL! But the company & the conversation were truly wonderful, no doubt!
    Now if I get sick by tomorrow, can we still come over & enjoy New Years Eve with everyone??? I'll bring the meatballs (trying hard not to cough on them! haha)

  5. Fingers are firmly crossed.. I am not even going to say the s word.. nope.. I refuse!!

  6. sky, yes, I know! There's just too many sick people who don't have the sense to stay home & quit spreading their illnesses around to the rest of us! *sigh*
    Love ya too - I'm not going to get sick, I'm not going to get sick, I'm NOT....

  7. Thanks, skinnier! I'm keeping my fingers, toes & even my eyes crossed!!! LOL