Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have you seen the movie, Contagion?

Okay, I've been a germaphobe for many decades, it's true. But when my husband and I saw that movie, Contagion, it suddenly gave me a new purpose in life! It sparked the idea for this germaphobe blog. Ta da! Here it is! My very first post in my very first blog, ever! :-)

John, the hubby, was very, very reluctant to take me to see Contagion. I get the feeling I might drive him the tiniest, maybe ever so slightly bit crazy with my fear of germs. Go figure! I am just protecting us, after all! Sheesh! :-/

Anyway, he was afraid it would make me all the more germ crazy. No, I don't think so! I already am aware that everything one touches in public is full of nasty germs. I often tell him, "Don't touch that!" I remind him to use hand sanitizer after everything he does touch. And I make sure to ask him if he used a paper towel to open the door handle when he leaves the men's public restroom. (Gee, I hope he's not lying when he tells me he did! Do you think I should go in with him next time to check on him???)

This business of hand shaking is also a big no - no with me! HATE it! More on that in another blog post soon...

So the one thing that has been constant in my mind since watching that Contagion movie... should I get one of those biohazard suits that Jude Law's character was wearing???


  1. I'm getting there and after living here...ummm...even more so! Ick!

  2. Thanks skyangel - I picked them out very carefully! And did you notice the background of my blog resembles lots of bacteria? hahahaha

  3. Success ... I am in! However, as you cam see from my screen name, somewhat frustrated.

    Anyway, great blog and looking forward to more!

  4. Thanks, blah, blah...
    I'm glad you're following me! :-)